The main functions of the Authority are as follows:

  1. Advising the Government on Road Safety Policies
  2. Prescribing and enforcing Road Safety standards and procedures
  3. Formulate and implement schemes, projects and programmes relating to Road Safety.
  4. Co-ordinating the functions of all the agencies and Government Departments discharging the duties related to Road Safety.
  5. Implementing Road Safety awareness programmes.
  6. Administration of the fund
  7. Sanctioning expenditure for the implementation of Road Safety schemes and programmes.
  8. Sanctioning expenditure for Road Safety projects and for purchase and installation of equipments and devices connected with Road Safety.
  9. Sanctioning expenditure for the conduct of studies, projects and research on matters, relating to road safety.
  10. Sanctioning expenditure for trauma-care programmes or activities.
  11. Sanctioning administrative expenditure of the Authority.
  12. Sanctioning expenditure on matters connected with road safety measures.
  13. Formation of self help groups, under the leadership of the Authority for the rescue operation in the place of accident.
  14. Discharging such other directions, as may be prescribed, having regard to the objects of this Act.




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