Road Safety Authority

Road Safety Authority

Traffic accidents have been a major health problem allover the world. Nearly 13 lakh lives are being lost every year and 50 million are suffering from injuries.

India is a major contributor to the above precarious situation, though the vehicle population is small compared to that in the rest of the globe. Though the menace has been affecting the economy and the social life, they were recognized as a health problem only in the recent past.

Kerala’s share in the national figures is alarming. Out of 415855 accidents in the country during 2008, 37263 accidents occurred in Kerala. 3901 persons were killed and 25605 suffered major injuries, causing physical disability and life long agony. Those who have escaped with minor but substantial injuries are 18236 numbers.

Various departments like Police, Motor Vehicles, Public Works, Health etc have been taking some efforts to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities but without a target or scientific approach.

Therefore a necessity was realized to set up an entity to coordinate, control and work towards a specified target. Thus, Kerala Road Safety Authority an umbrella forum of all stake holding departments, the first statutory body solely for promoting road safety has been set up in Kerala.




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