Executive Committee


For implementing the decisions of the Authority, there is an Executive Committee consisting of the following members:-

  • Chief Secretary, who shall be the Chairman of the Executive Committee.
  • Transport Commissioner, who shall be the Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee
  • Inspector General of Police (Traffic)
  • Chief Engineer (R&B)
  • Chief Engineer (NH)
  • Director, HSD
  • Director, NATPAC
  • Secretary, State Transport Authority-Member Secretary

As per Section 6(5) of the Kerala Road Safety Authority Act, 2007, the Executive Committee shall meet at least once a month. During the period 2008-2009 the Executive Committee met on the following days:

07.02.2008 1st meeting
06.03.2208 2nd meeting
29.05.2008 3rd meeting
18.07.2008 4th meeting
07.3.2009 5th meeting

Suggestions and project proposals received from stake holding departments, NGOs and public are being placed before the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee take decisions on matters falling within its jurisdiction and others are placed before the Authority with recommendation of the Executive Committee. Minutes of each meeting of both Executive Committee and Authority meetings are circulated among the members and placed before the next meeting for approval. Action taken on the previous meeting are regularly reviewed in the next meeting and follow up action is being taken on each decision.





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