The Kerala Road Safety Authority is a statutory body established under KRSA Act of 2007 by the Government of Kerala. The Kerala Road Safety Authority with dedicated Road Safety Fund focus to improve Road Safety in the State by providing support to stake-holding departments and District Road Safety Councils (DRSC). The Authority aims to reduce the risk of deaths and serious injuries from road crashes through multi-sectoral road safety interventions that specifically target high-risk locations and vulnerable road users. The Authority acts as the nodal agency for coordination & implementation of Road Safety Programs in the State. With the support of stakeholders, KRSA will act to make Kerala’s roads safe for all modes of traffic.

The Kerala Road Safety Authority is responsible for advising the Government on Road Safety Policies and prescribing Road Safety Standards and Procedures. Apart from coordinating the functions of all the agencies and Government Departments in discharging the duties related to Road Safety, KRSA is enabled to formulate and implement schemes, projects and programs relating to Road Safety. The Authority is responsible for the administration of the Road Safety Fund and sanctioning expenditure for implementation of Road Safety programs, for purchase/installation of equipments /devices connected with Road Safety. Authority is also responsible for sanctioning expenditure for Implementing Road Safety awareness programs, for conduct of studies, projects/researches on matters relating to road safety, and also for trauma-care programs or activities.

The Kerala Road Safety Authority is unique in many ways. KRSA is the first of its kind in India with statutory powers to implement Road Safety Programs in the State. The KRSA Act with provision for dedicated Road Safety Fund and with established Road Safety Rules, was first of its kind in the Country. The Kerala Road Safety Authority being the Lead Agency for Road Safety activities towards a common goal in the State; the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety has recommended KRSA as a model for other States to follow.

When Kerala Road Safety Authority was formed in the year 2007, the number of annual road accidents reported in the State was 41647 (in year 2006); since then for the past 13 years and so far the annual road accidents reported never exceeded from that reported in 2005 or 2006. This accident containment is a major achievement when comparing the magnitude Vehicle population growth in Kerala, which increased 3.75 times from that of year 2006.

Kerala Government

Shri. Arif Mohammad Khan
Governor of Kerala
Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Chief Minister

Kerala Road Safety Authority

Shri. A.K Saseendran
Chairman - Kerala Road Safety Authority
Minister for Transport, Kerala
Shri. G.Sudhakaran
Vice Chairman - Kerala Road Safety Authority
Minister for Public Works, Kerala
Shri. Anil Kant IPS
Road Safety Commissioner

News Updates

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Hon'ble Transport Minister Sri. A. K. Saseendran releasing Good Samaritan guidelines.
Launching of revamped website of KRSA by Hon'ble Transport Minister Sri. A. K. Saseendran

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