Key Activities


Kerala Road Safety Authority is the lead agency in road safety activities in the state. KRSA coordinates the activities related to road safety of the stake-holding departments, other organisations and NGOs. KRSA designs and implements programmes and proposals related to road safety. KRSA does the accident analysis and supplies to user departments and agencies. It identifies accident blackspots, suggests/ recommends/ rectifies the same. It creates awareness among road users and educates on road user safety. It supports enforcement of road safety regulations. KRSA provides basic support to NATPAC for their road safety related projects. It provides support to PWD at implementation level and for infrastructure improvement. It supports police and motor vehicles Department for implementation of road safety Act, rules and regulations. Supports education department for road safety awareness campaigns, training and developing tools and materials for curriculum delivery. Supports health department to implement ambulance services, trauma care and other post-accident care activities. Does district level road safety interventions through District Road Safety Councils (DRSC) under the chairmanship of District Collectors.

The Key Activites of the Authority are mainly:

Coordination and Management

A number of agencies including PWD, Transport, Police, Health Development Authorities etc are involved in road safety related activities. Kerala Road Safety Authority (KRSA) has been entrusted with the task of coordination and management of road safety activities in the State.

Road Safety Publicity and Campaign

The Government has identified key unsafe behavioral elements of road uses such as not using helmet/seatbelt, dangerous overtaking, over speeding, not observing central yellow marking etc. Public Safety Campaign would be launched for mass education on these issues

Improvement of Hazardous Locations

Accident prone locations would be identified and improved in phased manner for all important roads in the State. PWD and NATPAC would carry out “Before and After” studies for all remedial works and evaluate the effectiveness of Safety Schemes in Kerala Speed breakers, zebra lines, reflectors etc would be used wherever found necessary.

Road Safety Education for Children

Road Safety Education would be made a part of the curriculum for enhancing road safety awareness at an early stage. The Department of Public Instruction, NATPAC, KSTP, Department of Transportation and other agencies would be involved in developing school based road safety education programmes for school children. Production of education material for school children, teacher’s guide and teacher training programmes are also to be undertaken. The provision of pedestrian subways/over bridge near schools would be made as per the need.

Activities through Stakeholder Departments

1. Kerala Police

Police Department is one of the main stake holding agency which looks after the traffic enforcement in the State. State level and District Level interventions are carried out through State Police Chief and District Police Chief. IGP(Traffic) is also Coordinating and monitoring the activities in the State. Traffic Enforcement activity, Traffic control Measures, Signal system , Speed Control, ANPR, Surveillance Camera, Lighting blinkers etc are some of the activities carried out by Police. Following road safety projects have been implemented through Police Department.

  •   Road Safety Awareness Campaigns
  •   Traffic education centre
  •   Sabarimala Web Portal
  •   Traffic enforcement
  •   Subha-yatra project
  •   Printing and distribution of booklets on road safety
  •   Purchase of equipment (Alcometer, interceptors, surveillance cameras)
  •   Installing Traffic signal system, Automated solar blinkers
  •   Installation of Speed calming devices
  •   Student Police Cadet system

2. Motor Vehicle Department

MVD is taking care of Traffic enforcement. Helmet use, Seat Belt usage, Drunken driving, Over speed , traffic jumping etc Regional Transport Officers(RTO) as well as regional Transport Officers are taking leading role at District and Regional level. Overall supervision and monitoring is done by the Transport Commissioner. “Safe Sabarimla” a project to reduce accidents and fatalities to Sabarimala pilgrims is implemented by MVD during the previous season. The following road Safety Programs and tasks were implemented through MVD.

  •   Operational component of Safe Kerala Project
  •   Training programme to drivers and Driving School Instructors and different category of drivers
  •   Sabarimala Safe Zone project (Since 2010)
  •   Installation of ANPR Cameras
  •   Enhanced digital training center with simulator
  •   Automated driving test track
  •   Purchase of Road Safety equipment, Speed cameras, interceptors
  •   Automation of Enforcement Wing for Road Safety
  •   Decade of Action Plan for Road Safety (2011-2020)
  •   Road Safety Week 2019

3. Public Works Department

Engineering part is taken care by PWD . Road development is done by PWD in accordance with IRC standards in order to reduce accidents and enhance safety. Sign boards , destination boards, caution boards, speed calming measures, studs, road markings are well taken care by PWD in Highways as well as other strategically important roads. Kerala State Transport Project (KSTP) is an initiative of PWD with World Bank assistance. KSTP started in the year 2013 and expected to be completed by March 2019. Kerala Road Fund Board(KRFB) and LSGD is the other stakeholders to PWD with respect to different categories of roads in the State are concerned. The following road Safety Programs and tasks were implemented through PWD.

  •   Installation of Sign boards, road marking
  •   Black spot rectification measures
  •   10 year Action Plan on Road Safety
  •   Road Safety measures in various stretches of NHs
  •   Installation of W-beam crash barriers at hazardous locations
  •   Safe road corridor projects.

4. Education Department

Education or Awareness program is done through this staking Department. Inclusion of Road safety topic in the curriculum of School Children is also their agenda.The tasks expected from Education Department include conducting Road Safety Awareness Program in Schools as well as Preparation of Road Safety education content to be included as part of School Curriculum. The following road Safety Programs and tasks were implemented through Education Department.

  •   Road Safety Awareness Program in Schools
  •   Preparation of Road Safety in School Curriculum
  •   Road Safety Tasks achieved through NATPAC
  •   Accident Data Analysis and R & D support to Kerala Road Safety Authority
  •   Safe Road to School Program and Safe Community Program
  •   Accident Reconstruction studies, Black Spot identification & Prioritization
  •   Road Safety posters, short-films, Hand books etc
  •   Road Safety Awareness programs, workshops and Training Programs
  •   Training to drivers handling hazardous goods

5. National Transportation Planning And Research Center (NATPAC)

NATPAC has been tasked to carry out Road Safety Awareness programs and impart training to various target groups. In addition it has undertaken programs in Road safety area over the years. Following are the scope of work expected from NATPAC

  •   Accident Data Analysis and providing R&D support to KRSA
  •   Safe Road to School Program and Safe Community Program
  •   Accident Reconstruction studies
  •   Black spot identification and prioritization
  •   Road Safety Training Program
  •   Preparation of Hand Books, study Reports, Production of Short Films and Booklets

6. Education Department

  •   It is the stake holding agency for Trauma Care/Emergency Medical Care in the state to accident victims. Ambulance service is also done in selected districts under the common number 108.
  •   Purchase and operation of Ambulance vehicles as well as Establishing of Trauma Care Centre was tasked to Health Services Department.