About the Authority


To facilitate safer mobility to all sections of people.


Committed to reducing accidents, deaths and injuries on Kerala’s roads by promoting safe road and driving behaviour through better engineering standards, greater public awareness, enforcing compliance of traffic rules/regulations and speedy intervention in case of accidents.

Kerala Road Safety Authority Act 2007

Kerala Road Safety Authority Act-2007 was promulgated by Notification No.2622 /Leg.Uni.2/ 07 /Law dated 13th April 2007 providing for constitution of Kerala Road Safety Authority and the Road Safety Fund. As per G.O(P) No. 20/07/Tran dated 19-04-2007 (published as per SRO No. 355/2007 in the Kerala Gazette extraordinary dated 19-04-2007) issued under Section 3 of the Act, Kerala Road Safety Authority has been constituted. The Authority has been set up to coordinate action on areas related to Road Safety among various departments, advice Government on road Safety Policy, prescribe and enforce Road Safety standards and procedures, formulate and implement schemes/projects and programmes relating to Road Safety, promote Road safety awareness, coordinate the functions of all the agencies and Government Departments discharging the duties related to Road Safety.

Based on the above, the Government as per G.O.(P)No.55/07/tran dated 26-12-2007 (published as per SRO No. 1082/2007 in the Kerala Gazette extraordinary dated 26-12-2007) framed Rules as laid down in Section 38 of the said Act.

The act provides for

  •   Constitution of a Kerala Road Safety Authority
  •   Establishment of a dedicated Road Safety Fund
  •   Implementation of Road Safety Programs

 Click here to download copy of KRSA Act & Rules of 2007

Kerala Road Safety Fund

The Kerala Road Safety Fund is established under Sec-11 of Kerala Road Safety Authority Act. The Kerala Road Safety Authority aims to improve road safety in the State by providing support to all stake-holding departments and District Road Safety Councils (DRSC) in the state to reduce the risk of deaths and serious injuries from road crashes through multi-sectoral road safety interventions that specifically targets local communities and high-risk locations.

The District Road Safety Council is well placed to plan, implement and deliver road safety projects relevant to their communities. The stakeholders have an adequate knowledge of the local road networks, the behaviour of road user groups, local traffic conditions, traffic management issues and road accident situation etc; that they come out with appropriate road safety interventions to mitigate the safety issues. The following are the sources of the fund.

  •   Amount transferred under Section 10(6)- ie cess under this act after deducting the expenses for collection/recovery- transferred to the fund
  •   Grants, Loans or Advances made by the State and Central Govt.
  •   Contributions from public or private institutions or organizations
  •   Compounding fee collected section 26 of KRS Act
  •   The Govt. shall contribute to the Fund every year, an amount equal to 50% of the compounding fee collected in the previous year under section 200 of the MV Act-1988 (Central Act 59 of 1988)

Main functions of the Authority

  •   Advising the Government on Road Safety Policies
  •   Prescribing and enforcing Road Safety standards and procedures
  •   Formulate and implement schemes projects and programmes relating to Road Safety
  •   Co-ordinating the functions of all the agencies and Government Departments discharging the duties related to Road Safety
  •   Implementing Road Safety awareness programmes
  •   Administration of the fund
  •   Sanctioning expenditure for the implementation of Road Safety schemes and programmes
  •   Sanctioning expenditure for Road Safety projects and for purchase and installation of equipment and devices connected with Road Safety
  •   Sanctioning expenditure for the conduct of studies ,projects and research on matter relating to road safety
  •   Sanctioning expenditure for trauma –care programmes or activities
  •   Sanctioning administrative expenditure of the Authority
  •   Sanctioning expenditure on matters connected with road safety measures
  •   Formation of self help groups, under the leadership of the Authority for the rescue operation in the place of accident
  •   Discharging such other directions as may be prescribed having regard to the objects of this Act

Members of the Kerala Road Safety Authority

The Authority consists of the following memebrs

No. Members of the Authority Position
1.  Minister for Transport, Kerala Chairman
2.  Minister for PublicWorks, Kerala Vice Chairman
3.  Chief Secretary, Govt.of Kerala Member
4.  Principal Secretary ,Transport Member
5.  Law Secretary, Govt.of Kerala Member
6.  Principal Secretary, Home Dept Member
7.  Principal Secretary, Finance Dept. Member
8.  Principal Secretary, PWD Member
9.  Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Department Member
10.  Principal Secretary, General Education Department Member
11.  Principal Secretary, Local Self Government Department Member
12.  Road Safety Commissioner CEO of the Authority
13.  State Police Chief Member
14.  Director, Health Services Department Member
15.  Inspector General of Police (Traffic) Member
16.  Chief Engineer (Roads & Bridges) Member
17.  Chief Engineer (National Highways) Member
18.  Director, National Transportation Planning & Research Center (NATPAC) Member
19.  Secretary, State Transport Authority Member
20.  Mr. K P Somarajan IPS (Rtd) Nominated member
21.  Dr. Venugopalan P P Nominated member
22.  Mr. Unnikrishnan Unnithan Nominated member

Executive Committee of the Authority

For implementing the decisions of the Authority, there is an Executive Committee under the Chief Secretary of the State,
consisting of the following members

No. Members of Executive Committee Position
1.  Chief Secretary, Kerala Chairman
2.  Transport Commissioner/Road Safety Commissioner Vice - Chairman
3.  Inspector General of Police (Traffic) Member
4.  Chief Engineer (Roads & Bridges) Member
5.  Chief Engineer (National Highways) Member
6.  Director (Health Services Department ) Member
7.  Director, NATPAC Member
8.  Secretary, State Transport Authority Member Secretary

District Road Safety Council

As per section 19 of KRSA Act 2007, Government by notification in the Gazette, constitutes
the District Road Safety Council (DRSC) in each district in the State. The District Road Safety Council has the following members

No. Members of DRSC Position
1.  District Collector Chairman of the DRSC
2.  RTO having jurisdiction over the headquarters of the District Ex-officio Member Secretary
3.  District Police Chief Ex-officio Member
4.  Executive Engineer (Roads & Bridges) Ex-officio Member
5.  Executive Engineer (National Highways) Ex-officio Member
6.  An Expert on Road Safety nominated by the Govt. Member

Technical Committee of KRSA

As per rule 4(8) of KRSA Rules 2007, the acceptance of projects and the payment for projects shall be done based on the recommendations of the Technical Committee constituted from among the technical members of the Authority by the Executive Committee of KRSA.

Technical Committee is constituted with Secretary, STA as Chairman with members representing KRSA, Motor Vehicle Department, PWD, Police, Health, Law Department and NATPAC to scrutinize the proposals received from various stakeholder departments and DRSCs, and give recommendations to the Authority. The composition of Technical Committee of KRSA is given below:

Technical Committee
No. Members of Technical Committee Department Position
1.  Secretary, State Transport Authority and Joint Transport Commissioner Motor Vehicles Department Chairman
2.  Executive Director-Road Safety Kerala Road Safety Authority Member
3.  Director - Data Analysis and Performance Monitoring, Technical Support Group Kerala Road Safety Authority Member
4.  Director- Road User Safety Technical Support Group Kerala Road Safety Authority Member
5.  Director - Govt. Support and Community Liaisoning, Technical Support Group Kerala Road Safety Authority Member
6.  Director - Campaign and Public Relations, Technical Support Group Kerala Road Safety Authority Member
7.  Regional Transport Officer, Enforcement (South Zone) Motor Vehicles Department Member
8.  Supdt of Police (Traffic) South Zone Police Department Member
9.  Deputy Director, Medical and Hospital Administration, DHS Health Department Member
10.  Deputy Secretary Law Department Member
11.  Senior Scientist, NATPAC NATPAC Member

Organization Structure


Staff Position of KRSA (as on 16th February 2021)


Anuradha K C
Administrative Officer
+91 9446000011
Binu K C
Accounts Officer
+91 944674599
S.P Malini
Junior Superintendent
+91 9446041635
Senior Clerk - A2 Section
+91 9447585441
Clerk - A1 Section


T Elangovan
Executive Director, Road Safety
+91 9447112510
Niju Azhakesan
Director, Data Analysis & Performance Monitoring
+91 8848533031
Kala P
Director, Road User Safety
+91 9446892600
Director, Government Support & Community Liaisoning
Director, Campaigns and Public Relations

Stake holding departments

The main stakeholders of KRSA are

No. Name
1.  Kerala Police
2.  Motor Vehicle Department
3.  Public Works Department
4.  Health Department
5.  Education Department
6.  District Road Safety Councils
7.  National Transportation Planning And Research Center (Natpac)