According to Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH), Government of India, road accident black spot on National Highways is a road stretch of about 500m in length in which either 5 road accidents (involving fatalities/grievous injuries) took place during last three calendar years or 10 fatalities took place during last three calendar years.

Management Protocol

●     Collection of accident data by 15th Jan each year

●     Refinement of accident data by 31st January

●     Identification of Blackspot by 28th February

●     Preliminary Report–Short term rectification by 15 April

●     Prepare Detailed Project Report by 1st June  

●     Permanent rectifications before 30th September

●     Maintenance & Evaluation (continuous process)

Accident Blackspot

 Accident Blackspot list 2018
 Accident Blackspot list 2019